Thursday 16th February

Rust Nation UK is proud to work with Codurance and Katharina Fey to bring to you three options for a full day of training on Thursday 16th February 2023, directly before the Rust Nation UK conference.

Both course options are a full day (9am-4pm) of hands on immersive training with top professional trainers. Tickets include breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks. Please bring your laptop; power and wifi will be available.

Foundational Rust Workshop (SOLD OUT)

with Mattsi Jansky from Codurance

Basics and types
  • What is Rust for, and what makes it different?
  • Build process, tooling
  • Syntax, control flow, mutability
  • Types, compound types
Ownership and borrowing rules
  • Understanding how Rust uses ownership & borrowing to provide memory safety without garbage collection
Standard library
  • Error handling
  • Collections and strings
Testing and TDD
  • Learn how to write unit tests in Rust
  • Apply TDD to implement a simple program, using what we learned throughout the day

Intermediate Workshop (SOLD OUT)

with Jocelyn Facchini from Codurance

  • Traits
  • Generics and static dispatch
  • Trait Objects and dynamic dispatch
  • Lifetimes
  • Closures
  • Writing multi-threaded programs
  • Atomic Reference Counting
  • Mutex for shared resources
  • Channels
  • Tokenisation
  • Declarative macros
  • Procedural macros
Web Assembly
  • Learning how to compile to WASM
  • How to interact with the browser from WASM
  • Yew Framework

Expert Async Workshop (SOLD OUT)

with Katharina Fey

Foundations of Rust Async
  • Futures, Reactors, Runtimes, Pin, Context, Task API
  • Writing futures and running them with async-task
  • Hands-on: Using Futures via async/await, writing a simple Future that handles some kind of data processing
Structure of a runtime
  • Understanding smol-rs
  • Understanding async-task
  • Async patterns
  • The importance of synchronisation
  • Synchronisation mechanisms
  • Reaction programming (i.e. reacting to signals and events)
  • Hands-on: solving one or two) Rust puzzles that require task synchronisation
Writing your own runtime (for fun and profit)
  • Defining tasks
  • Scheduling work
  • Managing state and dependencies

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