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Our CFP for 2024 is now closed.

Rust Nation UK is focused on education and discussion of the Rust programming language. We aim to attract the best speakers, contributors, and educators from around the world in hopes of providing the community with the best resources on the Rust programming language every year.

Rust Nation UK seeks to deliver ‘wow’ talks that are fresh and inspiring about cutting edge topics or new perspectives on common problems. The audience will be from all backgrounds varying in skill level from beginner to intermediate to advanced, so talks varying widely in topic and skill levels are required. Most of all we want speakers who have a deep knowledge about the topics they are proposing and can’t wait to share that knowledge with a whole group of of eager listeners. Tell us what you’re most passionate about and why we should be passionate about it as well.

Speaker On Stage

We are looking for speakers and instructors to give talks and hands-on classroom sessions. We are seeking talks covering mainstream, advanced, niche or non-technical topics aimed at a multitude of skill levels.

We are looking for 4 types of speaker

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We are looking for opening and closing sessions for our conference. These keynote talks should contain motivational, inspirational and community related topics or big ideas.

Keynotes are delivered in front of the full conference audience and should be 30 minutes in length with no Q&A.

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Our Talk sessions are breakout sessions throughout the conference. They cover themes such as technical, educational, research, new technology, and case studies. Talk Sessions are delivered to a partial conference audience (split across 3 tracks), the talk session should last 60 mins in length. This can include a Q&A at the speakers discretion of up to 15 mins.

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Our Workshops are classroom style experience consisting of in-depth tutorial content and hands on technical training in a comfortable environment. They run for a the full day (6 hours actual training time).

Our Workshop sessions are not recorded or distributed online.

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Our tutorials consist of a classroom style delivery of technical, in depth content on a specific topic.

Each tutorial should be 2 hours in length (Suggested 1 hour slide content, 1 hour hands-on exercises). They are delivered to a partial conference audience (split across two or three tracks).

Our tutorial sessions are not video recorded or distributed online.

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