Whilst we are excited about connecting with the Rust community at the UK's first Rust conference, we can't ignore the Covid pandemic. It is important to us as organisers to ensure the event is accessible and attendees remain safe during the two days of the conference. The following safety policy applies to all on-site ticket holders, sponsors, speakers, service partners, etc.

As event organisers, we make sure our events are fully compliant with UK government restrictions, as well as any COVID-19 policies put in place by the venue. As of 1st April 2022, the requirement for explicit COVID-19 risk assessments for UK-based events has ended. This being said, the Rust Nation UK team is committed to providing as safe an environment as possible while still allowing individuals to take ownership of and make their own choices regarding COVID-19.

The UK government has lifted all coronavirus restrictions, including compulsory COVID-19 status checks to enter venues. We trust that our attendees and Rust community will act in a sensible and responsible manner with regard to COVID-19 and its associated risks. All attendees are strongly encouraged to engage in good hygiene practices and to undertake the decision not to attend if they believe themselves to be exhibiting symptoms or are testing positive for COVID-19. We strongly recommend that individuals undertake precautions during the event to create a safe environment.

If you are travelling to the event from outside the UK there are currently no restrictions on entering the UK, but please be aware that there may be implications or requirements for your home journey.

Vitis Events are a small team, and while we are doing everything we can to create a safe environment, we are limited in the extent to which we can screen individuals. We understand that some individuals may feel that it is not the right time for them to attend Rust Nation UK. If you are one of the individuals to which this applies, whilst we respect this decision, we hope that we will see you all at next year's event. These are unprecedented times and we believe that everybody should do what makes them feel safe. We want everybody to feel that they can be a part of Rust Nation and are exploring ways of doing this. Video recordings will be made of all talks and will be available on our YouTube channel after the event.


  • First and foremost, if you feel unwell or have tested positive, stay at home.
  • Please keep in mind that some of our attendees may be vulnerable and not comfortable socialising as before. Please respect all attendees individual wishes on social-distance.
  • Regardless of your vaccination or recovery status, we recommend that attendees take a rapid test before the event and stay at home in case of a positive result.
  • There is a large open courtyard area outside which can be used by anybody to have meals or spend time in-between talks.


  • All staff have received additional training to ensure new policies are followed. This also applies to third-parties, such as audio visual crews.
  • A newly-installed system allows all venue doors to be held open using automatic floor sensors. This enables touch free access for delegates to all event spaces.
  • Meals will be provided as boxed individual portions and delegates are welcome to take their food to the courtyard to eat outdoors.
  • Deep cleaning and fogging of the building with an anti-microbial product will be undertaken by an ISO14001 accredited third party.
  • Hands free sanitising stations will be available throughout the venue.
  • Additional bicycle racks have been installed to increase storage capacity for guests who wish to cycle to the venue.
  • Masks will be available on the day.


Will I have to wear a face mask or face covering when attending a live event?

The UK government formally removed all restrictions around facemask wearing at the beginning of 2022. Whilst we strongly recommend that attendees take precautions to keep themselves and others safe. We ask that people respect the decisions of all other attendees, as well as those of the staff and vendors.

Do I still need to socially distance?

We ask all attendees to be respectful of others by keeping your distance where possible and being aware of personal space.

Do I need to provide a negative test?

You will not be required to provide evidence of a negative test in order to attend the event. We recommend that attendees take a rapid test before attending. If you have any reason to believe you have contracted the virus, you are feeling unwell/displaying symptoms, or have tested positive for COVID-19, then we strongly encourage you not to attend. We are asking that all attendees make the sensible and considerate choice in this regard.

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